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To have helped service providers and businesses become more effective, save on communications costs and focus resources on core objectives…


• To become a leading backbone services and reliable communication solutions in the domestic, regional and international markets. • To provide world-class telecommunication services to enable our customers to be competitive by providing end-to-end circuits with fiber nodes and wireless transmissions.


IT’S SIMPLE; WE ACTUALLY DO WHAT WE PROMISE. • We understand service carriers and businesses of all sizes and will give…

• Metro Dark Fiber network is our Fiber Solutions’ core product offering. We design solutions based on your needs and specifications. Creating custom dedicated Dark Fiber networks is one of the ways we bring you the best communications network at industry-competitive prices.
• As the demand for high bandwidth-intensive applications and services grows, businesses are forced to evaluate new transport technologies to enhance and maximize the value of their data communications infrastructure. One of the most cost-effective ways to scale your bandwidth needs while preparing your business for the future with an optical Dark Fiber Solution
• Why choose dark fiber
• Scalability – Virtually unlimited bandwidth potential at a fixed cost. Today, institutions with substantial traffic and infrastructure needs are finding it more and more cost-effective to own their own networks.
• Flexibility – Increased network uptime and the ability to select the best- of-breed equipment to support your communications requirements.
• Security and Redundancy – Have the security of a fully dedicated network infrastructure while retaining full control of your network and gaining the peace of mind that comes with a fixed cost network.
• Simplicity – There is no need to construct and manage your own physical network. Use ours dark fiber solution to meet your needs.
Businesses today require scalable and reliable Internet connectivity to carry out business-critical functions. Our high-performance dedicated bandwidth service combines essential Internet features with global Internet reach and scalability for enterprises of all sizes. You get dedicated bandwidth by connecting directly to our extensive fiber optic network; you get speeds scalable from 1Mbps to STM64. Maximize your business efficiency and gain the benefits of dedicated bandwidth virtually hassle free through our reliable optical fiber network and proactive management.
We are experts in data center colocation and connectivity. We own our own network and we treat our customers the way we’d like to be treated. For applications requiring a single rack or up to multiple racks, you can rest assured your equipment will be protected by strict site operating guidelines. Our collocation services ensure your business-critical applications are served with a high-level of security and reliability.
Why colocate with us
• Scalable, Reliable and Resilient Mission-Critical Environments
• 24x7x365 facility management andmonitoring to meet changing needs
• Automatic fire suppression system
• AC and DC power distribution
• Uninterruptible power supplies
• Backup generators


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